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I'm Zackaria


21 year old social media influencer with a reach of over 118,000 followers globally and still expanding

Media Statistics


My real name is Zach, most people refer to me as Zack, Zektor, Rexor or Zackaria. I am a social media influencer with my personal channel having over 50,000 subscribers. With all my channels together, I have a total of around 70,000 overall subscribers. I also run a discord server for my Minecraft network which has well over 60,000 members, I also sometimes use twitter which currently has 1,300 followers. I started my YouTube journey all the way back, in 2013 under a different channel alias. Since then, I have rebranded to "Zackaria" which is my current alias.

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Since 2020, I have been a content creator partner with the official Badlion Client. Since then, I have release many new personal cosmetics on my store! Make sure to check them out.


Since 2021, I have been running the Bridger.Land Minecraft Network with two of my best friends, BedlessNoob and Yuzei. Make sure to check us out!


Business Contact

You are able to contact me via email ([email protected]) or using the mail box feature box.